Right now I’m working on a mystery. Don’t have a working title for it…yet…but since I “write in the dark” (ala Dean Wesley Smith), that’s okay. I came across an anthology which was supposed to start with the phrase, “No shit, there I was”.

It could be any type of story, but it had to start with that phrase.

I liked that phrase and had planned on sending something to the anthology, but just didn’t have enough time to meet the deadline. I came across it around the 1st of the year and the anthology was due on the 6th.

Oh well. Didn’t matter, because I liked the story I’d started with that phrase, so figured I’ll find another market or publish it myself. Whichever.

I’m also working on a non-fiction book, the title…thus far…is “Be Not Deceived: Every Warrior’s Battle Plan for This Age.”

I’m still in the outlining part of the non-fiction…have to use an outline with non-fiction. Obviously because I want to get my facts straight. In fiction…who cares, really? If I want to put Paris in the middle of Egypt, does it matter? Well, of course not…if it’s speculative fiction – lol!

Anyway, the mystery is taking longer than I thought it might. Was planning on a short story with this, and I think it will be…have a vague idea about how it will end, but plan to wrap up by Friday, the 12th. Right now it sits at just over 7200 words, so still within the short story range.

The goal for my writing this year is thus:

1 short story per week – so far, not so good, but I still have time, right? Each story will be sent to a market (if I can find one that fits). If rejected, it gets self published. If published, when I get the rights back I’ll self publish next.

Some will be put into anthologies as well. Lots of options, so let’s see how this goes.

1 non-fiction by March.

1 fiction novel by September.

And of course, always, each and every minute I can, I’ll be learning more about craft, the business of writing, etc.

Fun, fun, fun!!!

This all, of course…in addition to client work.

Yeah…aim high, right?