Finished up the mystery short story I mentioned in my last post and came up with a title. Not particularly inventive, but it works. “Murder in Crab Lake”. [Note: My wise hubby thought “Crab Lake” wasn’t a good choice. After consideration I agreed, and changed it to Murder in Blue Lake. I like this much better!]

Submitted it today to, so we’ll see what happens.

If rejected, then I’ll either send to another market or publish it myself.

Right now I’m working on a story titled “The Rot”.

I just started it…today…so have no real idea where it’s going since I’ll be writing into the dark. I love writing this way!

The vague concept is about sins in a small town, being laid bare by a newcomer to town. Kind of along the lines of Stephen King’s “The Storm of the Century”, but with a distinctly Christian viewpoint. (the newcomer wants to bring healing, not steal the kids, lol)

At least that’s what I’m thinking it will be now, but who knows once I’m done with it…could be something completely different and strange!

This is a lot of fun!