Doing the “Happy Dance”

Have you ever seen the video of the Minions dancing to the song by Pharrell Williams called “Happy”? Love, love, love it!

Anyway, that’s the way I feel today. My sweet hubby and I will be celebrating 7 years together this month…and my birthday which just so happens to be on the same day. Yes, that was intentional, lol.

Besides being happy about our relationship and my advancing in age – lol – he ordered a new bible for me.

Not just any bible…

This one!

Greek Orthodox Bible

It includes the Apocrypha! Love this bible. The authors translated the Old Testament straight from the Septaguint, so it’s as original as you can get. 😀

I am really excited, but can’t get it until the big day, lol, so when it comes in the mail I can’t get my hands on it. Sigh.

Yes, I am a nerd. (grin)





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