Prepare to be weirded out…or at least to scratch your head and wonder, “what in the heck is she talking about”.

I’m putting together a collection of weird flash fiction stories – 8 of them, actually – with a couple of longer short stories. Plan to publish it this weekend and will update when it’s done.

I’m also going to publish some short stories as stand alone too.

As far as The Rot goes…I’ve been working on this thing but have absolutely no idea where it’s going, but that’s part of the fun. Uncertainty can be scary at times, but it’s a good thing really because if I don’t know where the story is going my readers probably won’t know either.

Here’s a taste of one weird story…

“She was okay with the spaceships, the robots…hell, even the elephants were cool with her, but when she spotted the lovely Lorraine she lost it. She wouldn’t listen to reason, so I did the only thing I could…”

Well, better get to work…clients are waiting for their stuff. 😀

If you’re reading this then you’re strange like me. Yeah! Have a great day!