Children of Wrath


The one and only review so far that I’ve gotten on Smashwords was for my book (which is free, might I add) titled Children of Wrath: A Witch Killers Story.

Interestingly enough I had just uploaded it to the site. It wasn’t there more than 5 minutes before I get this review. lol

Reviewer BobB writes: “Hope this is not calling for the loving Christians to start the witch hunts again.
There is enough terror fueled by religion in the world now.” He gave it a 1 star review.

While I don’t worry about what BobB thinks, his comment got me to thinking.

What level are Christians willing to go to fight evil?

Are we willing to stand up, in front of our fellow citizens, and speak out against evil? Do we even know HOW to fight evil?

God gives us both defensive (armour) and offensive (sword of the Spirit, Blood of Christ, Living Water, etc.) so then obviously we’re supposed to use them, right?

Christ told his disciples (which includes modern day Christians, btw) that the world hated Him first and that we’re not to be surprised when it hates us.

As far as I’m concerned, I put on the armour of God every morning and seek to slay the dragons with the Sword of Truth and every weapon that God has made available to me as His child.

If Christians only knew the power they have in Christ we would have more victory both in our personal lives and in the communities – extending to nations – than we do have.

Christ told us to love one another, assuredly.

But He’s also coming back as a warrior, bringing Judgement with Him!