beach with orange leaf

First sale on The Calling yesterday…sort of.

By “sort of” I mean that the story was part of Smashword’s Promotion this week so it was…FREE. (grin)

Now granted, my other stories are free and have gotten a lot of downloads, but what I love the most…what means the most to me is that someone actually took the time out of their no doubt busy schedule to use the coupon code and download my story.

And that means so much.

I certainly hope they are blessed by that story, because I don’t want to write “meh” kinds of stories.  My goal as a writer is to move people and somehow brighten their day.

I want to tell stories that will linger with my readers long after they’ve read the last word.

So to get there, just like a singer, a musician, an artist…I’ve got to practice.

So now…off to practice some more on The Rot!