Do you remember the old saying “It’s all great fun until somebody gets hurt…?”

I wonder…does that apply to our characters too? 😀

Question: Is it acceptable to write about horrific things as a Christian writer?

Answer: In my opinion, that depends. If you’re writing about horrific things in order to show how depraved and wicked a character is, and you’re not glorifying it, then yes, it is acceptable.

Now that I’ve shared my views, I’d like to share a bit from my current story The Rot.

“Their chants rising and falling in rhythm with the drumbeats, worshipers at Victorious Life Church watched as Dale plunged the jagged blade deep into the child’s body. Her muffled screams stopped and Dale looked up, blood and gore on his smiling face.
“Baal is pleased!”
The crowd cheered, clapping their hands and congratulating one another before they began their orgy.
When the meeting was finished, initiates started the gruesome task of cleanup, sending the body and protective plastic sheets to the basement crematory for destruction. Then they lowered the altar below the floor, underneath the pulpit.
The preacher congratulated each of the initiates for a job well done before sending them out the door.”

Like I said…horrid.

Now I wrote this out of order with my current storyline, so it might – or might not – make it into the final story.

My antagonist’s name will probably change too, idk.

While it is a disturbing scene, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility. In fact, I’d wager something much like this scene is taking place somewhere right now…perhaps in some place we’d least expect…

So then, my point in using this scene is to describe the depravity of the pastor, his wife and his so-called church. And, since I’m writing into the dark here, it may have something to do with the plot but we’ll have to see when I’m done! 😉

On a metaphysical level you could say that this is what we do when we hate people enough to wish them dead, however in this case the story I’m telling is on a physical plane, so…there ya go I’m rambling again…

Anyway, back to it!