I’ve always kept a diary of sorts, however I’ve never been consistent with keeping it. I’d write in it faithfully for about a week or so, then it would become more sporadic.

I’d wait until the muse would strike, actually.

I’m one of those people for whom “multi-tasking” is an impossibility.

Can’t do it.

Thankfully, it seems that research has proven that multi-tasking is hard for the majority of people.

This blog is the beginning of a challenge I’ve created for myself.

I want to see if I can write on this blog each and every day. Year in, year out.

“rubs hands together” – Oh, what a fun challenge!

So then what shall I write about, she asks herself?

Hmm…I suppose about my day, any new and exciting things that might come my way, writing I’ve completed, etc.

Speaking of stories…my story The Rot, is more than 7000 words now…which isn’t really quite so much, but it’s still progressing well…so I’m pleased.


So to that end, here’s my day.

Time with God in the morning, first thing.

Get my little guy up and off to catch the school bus.

Write on my fiction for about one to two hours.

Client work, misc. office work (e.g. emails, social media, etc.)

Laundry…oh how much fun!

Helping the hubs on a project.

More social media, wrap up client work, work more on fiction.

Then off to shower and bed.

Thrilling, eh?

It was a good day. I am blessed.