Today was another good day, even though I wasn’t able to work as much on my story The Rot as I wanted to, but eh…life.

Old man winter gave us his last gasp, dropping about 4 to 5 inches in our little corner of the Northwoods, but it will soon melt as warmer days are right around the corner.


(grass mowing time soon…boo!) 😉

Still learning a lot about writing, discoverability, etc., but for now I’m focused on the writing.

Dean Wesley Smith is doing a challenge wherein he is writing a novel in seven days.

Yeah…you read that right…7 days! Eek..(insert Bill the Cat sound here)

I’ve been inspired by this, though, and have a glimmer of an idea that I’ll do something similar, like write a novel in 3 weeks.

If I remember right, I could have a 42,000 (approx) word novel done in 3 weeks following a the formula that Dean is doing only starting with 2,000 words and building by 200 words each day.

But for right now, I’ve really got to get my a$$ into gear with the writing, setting word count goals to keep it going. Up till now I’ve just been writing when I can, as much as I can, which…as readers of my blog (whomever and wherever in time they may ever be) will notice, I’m slow at writing.

A lot of it is because I don’t follow the BIC method, like so many prolific authors do.

You know what that method is, right?

“Butt In Chair” of course!

Love that acronym..

Anyway, it’s late, got to get some shuteye so I can get going in the morning.