Isn’t this just the weirdest pic? Honestly, it kind of gives me the creeps, but I don’t know why…weird, huh?

Yeah, had time to work on The Rot today! It’s easier to keep a writing streak going than to leave off for a few days and try to get back into the swing of things.

Even if I only do 50 words, at least I’ll still have the story in my mind.

I had been planning on working on my dystopian novel, Shadow World. I’ve got to take the time to read through it to see if I can use any of what I’ve written previously, or if I should scratch it and start over.

Honestly, it’s been many months since I’ve last looked at it, so not sure what I’ll find. I do remember it had gotten difficult to keep up with things, but when I read through what I’ve written I’m going to take notes that I can refer to should I decide to use what I’ve got.

It’s on my calendar to do this week, but will probably try to tackle it this weekend when I don’t have client work to do.

Getting back to The Rot.

I thought I was close to the ending, but now I’m not really so sure. I’m nearly at 10,000 words now, so it’s edging towards the novella range. The plan is to publish it on Kindle Unlimited at least for the initial 90 days.

Lots of fun things to learn with indie publishing, let me tell you. Fun, fun, fun!

So now, it’s past my bedtime…better go to bed before I turn in a pumpkin as my hubby says, lol!