Interesting picture. Not sure why it caught my attention. Perhaps the random pattern of window sizes and orientations or the fact that the weathered stone encircling what appears to be a window unit air conditioner calls attention to itself. I like this picture for some odd reason.

Busy weekend…grocery and miscellaneous shopping on Saturday followed by house cleaning today. Whippee!

Not a whole lot done on the writing, but did do some. I figure even if it’s just a couple of hundred words I’m still working on the habit of writing fiction every day (a VERY good thing) and I’m moving the story along.

I think I’m near the ending, but not sure EXACTLY how it’s going to end…guess I’ll just have to wait and see!

Late now, so going to get some shuteye…school tomorrow, which means no sleeping in until 7:30 for me! Boo!!