Progress, not perfection…right?

My sweet Bella…dogs are woman’s best friend too!




Yeah!! Yesterday I wrapped up The Rot…FINALLY! Yeah!

What was – I thought – supposed to be a short story ended up being a short novella, around 13,000 words.

So far, this is the longest story I’ve written…which is a good thing actually, because I do want to write novels as well as short stories, so it’s practice, right?

I missed my streak of posting on this blog every day, but the idea is to keep going, right? Even when I forget until it becomes a habit.

Well, as usual, it’s late when I’m getting to this so I’ll sign off for now. Tomorrow I’ll be working on a cover and blurbs for The Rot so that I can format it and load it up on Amazon in their KDP Select program this weekend.  Just to give it a try.



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