The Rot


Finally! Wrapped up the 13,000 word short story and put it up on Amazon KDP Select. We’ll see how it goes.

Next up…Children of Disobedience: A Witch Killer Story. I plan to make it the prequel to Children of Wrath, but we’ll see where the ol’ noggin takes me once I get started.

The Day

The people around here have a saying about the Wisconsin weather. “Don’t like it? Wait a minute.”

How true it is. Seems to shift and change not just from day to day, but you can start out the day with sunshine and end it with snowfall.

Weird, weird state.

The daffodils are doing their best to be the first on the block to bloom…thankfully they’ve only sent their green leaves to explore the surface, otherwise the early spring snows we’ve had would have wiped them out.

The glamorous life of a copywriter/indie author…today I washed bedding and clothes, cooked a yummy roast and spent time with my lovely family.

Very good day…I am blessed!