Yeah!! Spring has finally arrived! We’re in the 60s now, birds are singing, flowers are growing and even the frogs are croaking!

Earlier this week we bought a boat.

It’s not a new one, but who cares. It’s for fishing.

I’m not really a fish eater…that’s the hubs…but I do enjoy getting out on the lake; soaking up some rays, feeling the cool breeze on my face and relaxing.

Enjoying God’s creation.

It’s like getting lost in a good story…one I’m reading or writing.


I’m the kind of person who loves road trips. Getting lost for a few hours visiting some place new (unless it’s a city…ugh…) is high on my list of fun things to do.

This week has seriously eaten into my writing time, but today that will be remedied. I’ve got the prequel to Children of Wrath in my Witch Killers series called Children of Disobedience.

I’ve started it, but it seems to be going slower because I keep comparing the details with my first book…not a good thing for the ol’ creative mind.

Once I’m back into the world though I think it will get faster.

Next in the queue is Shadow World…a novel I’ve been working on for forever. Time to get it out, dust it off and see if I can use any of what has been written before or if I should redraft from scratch.

And of course sometime this week I’ve got to spend some time on my craft. Practice is wonderful, and necessary, but so is learning. I’ve got some good writing and business books to read through.

I’m putting together a list of skills I want to work on and going through each of them methodically, one by one, practicing them as I’m writing my stories.

Of course the learning never stops, but that’s part of the fun!