Why, oh why do I always cry?

I see a sappy commercial, here come the tears…

Watch a movie…tears. That is, unless it’s a drama or something else.

But one of the times I seem to cry the hardest is when I listen to worship music.

I’ve been in a charismatic church before when suddenly I started bawling like a baby for no apparent reason…right before someone stood up to give the congregation a message from God.

Seems my spirit…or my soul, not sure which, is a crybaby. 😀

So, what do you think happened when I used this video in my worship time this morning?

Yeah…tears were a flowing…

I love the music by For King and Country!

Yeah…God loves us and Christ gave us so much more than we can ever dream! So many of us live, as Dan Duval says, far below our inheritance (or something like that).

Trying to learn how to walk in the Grace (power) of God, letting Him work through me.

It’s a process, right?