Definitely feel like this sometimes!

I should be wrapping up my client work right now, but I’ve got a stubborn two year old living inside of me that doesn’t want to. lol

I’d rather be writing fiction, knitting the scrap blanket that’s a work in progress (WIP) or cruising blogs, reading what other people are up to.

I don’t know exactly why but I’ve had a bit of a restless spirit these days, dreaming of travelling with the family out West to see some mountains, walk in some clear mountain streams (brrr!) watch a desert sunset and just breathe in His creation. (Hoping to do this next summer)

Maybe I’m just bored. I get bored so very easily and in spite of the fact that I think the whole “ADHD” thing is – if not a real thing, at least caused by so many lovely chemicals in our food, water, air, etc. (or maybe radioactivity or government sponsored interference with our brains, who knows) – I’m very easily distracted normally, but even more so lately…

I’ve got to spank my two year old self and tell her to get back to work. Maybe it’s because I’m not feeding her (me) sugar anymore so I can’t bribe myself with a cookie? I started a low carb diet and while it doesn’t seem to be helping with the hunger (I’m probably doing something wrong) at least I’ve cut out the nasty sugar.

Oh well, back to it.