Nothing to see here…move along…


Ran a not so quick errand to the post office…joy oh joy.

Our post office isn’t close to us to begin with, but when you live in a rural area I guess you take what you can get. 🙂

Sooooo….we’ve been having a TON of rain lately here in the great Northwoods of Wisconsin, so of course it’s washed out a lot of the gravel alongside the already crappy roads. (where in the he!! does my tax money go????)

Anyway, point is it took much longer to get to said post office because of the roadwork – which is glacial in its pace, so put me back a bit on my client writing time.

Which, like a stack of dominoes, led to not enough time to write some fun fiction before I have to crawl into bed.

’cause if I miss my bedtime I turn into a pumpkin…

Or so the hubs says, but now that I think about it, yeah, he’s right.

I do need my beauty sleep. 😉

Hope my lovely writer friends out there had a better make believe day than me! 😀



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