In an ongoing effort to be accountable to myself I’ve decided to begin – yet again – writing each day on my blog, however to simplify things I’m going to follow a template. It may change from time to time, but basically the plan is to have an ongoing record of my fits and starts at establishing a solid (fiction) writing habit.

My day:

Weekends I sleep in a bit, so got up around 8:00, did my normal morning routine and then decided to try to make some gluten free bread. Anyone who’s tried to do this herculean task knows what I’m saying when it’s just not right. It doesn’t rise like wheat bread should, but still the search goes on for a good gluten free, AIP paleo bread that doesn’t break the bank and will work for sandwiches.


Did some laundry, dishes, etc., then sat down to write.


The writing:

Changed my mind. Decided to stick with third person. I had thought the change to first person POV would fit but on closer examination, my creative brain had it right from the start. I made a few changes to the beginning and also threw in some explanations that will show how someone from Saturn can know how to speak Earth languages…lol.

Stupid editor…should know better than to listen to her. lol

Topic of the day:

Nah. Didn’t post this until late, so nothing tonight.