In an ongoing effort to be accountable to myself I’ve decided to begin – yet again – writing each day on my blog, however to simplify things I’m going to follow a template. It may change from time to time, but basically the plan is to have an ongoing record of my fits and starts at establishing a solid (fiction) writing habit.

My day:


Did some client work beginning early this morning then homeschooled Danny this afternoon. After dinner and clean up I watched part of a free webinar about creating templates for profit.

Don’t know why I go chasing such things…must be the creative in me.

I love messing around with images, etc…especially on Canva…and I know what I like in terms of design but to ask me to describe what makes a design work?

I draw a blank…

But…I’ve been doing this “entrepreneur” thing long enough to know what will work for me and what won’t.

Would I love to spend some time and money learning how to design templates to sell?

Heck yeah.

Do I HAVE time time and money to learn how to design and sell templates?


I’ve got my hands pretty full:

  • Family
  • Clients
  • Learning and practicing my own writing, including how to create book covers that work

All I can tell myself is…maybe some day, and that’s fine with me.


The writing:

Still haven’t established a writing rhythm yet, but will keep striving for that.

All I ask for is 500 measly words a day…you’d think I could get there, but so far…nada.

But I think I’ve stumbled across the reason why.

The hubs…lol

Seriously though, I’ve got to get my schedule straightened out so that all of my work and writing is done by the time the little guy is ready for bed so that the hubs and I can spend some time together.

Tomorrow I’m giving myself one hour in the morning before doing any client work…and before my critical voice wakes up and starts her nagging! 😉

Topic of the day:


Got nothing…off to do some writing and find out what Jazz and Slade are up to!