In an ongoing effort to be accountable to myself I’ve decided to begin – yet again – writing each day on my blog, however to simplify things I’m going to follow a template. It may change from time to time, but basically the plan is to have an ongoing record of my fits and starts at establishing a solid (fiction) writing habit.


My day:

Ah the fun…grocery shopping today.

Reminded myself yet again why I should try to get to the store by 6:30 am!

Right…like that would ever happen!

Still, even though I hate taking time during the week (because I do my client work during the week) it’s usually not as crowded as it is on weekends.

Oh well… gotta eat, right?

Well, at least the family does…my fuel tanks are sloshing over…!

 The writing:

Spent way too much time trying to get my short story Visitor to Blue Lake: A Jazz and Slade Story back into my head. I reverse outlined it to see where I’m at.

I’ve got less than 9,000 words in on it, so it’s not a real short story, but might end up being a novella. Not sure yet. I am going to give it my best to wrap it up by next weekend though.

I want to have it finished so that I can clear the decks for the NaNo Extravaganza!!

What is that, you might ask?

Topic of the day:

If you’re not a writer it’s probably just October for you.

If you are a writer, well then you know what time of year it is…Nano Prep Season.

As a total pantser I don’t do too much this time of the year. No long, drawn out (a/k/a boring – at least to me) character sheets, world building, etc.


Just writing when the time comes.


As far as the story for Nano…I want to try my hand at romance…a contemporary one.

Have no idea of the characters or the setting…heck, not even a title…got to get to work on that one.

I’ve never written a romance, so this will be great fun. I’m thinking of something with a Christmas holiday theme…you know, a warm, heart tugging story. Of course, knowing me it will probably have some speculative aspects to it. lol