Day Nine???

Is it already day 9?

Ah, seems like it’s further.

That’s both a good thing and a bad thing.

It’s good because the month still isn’t over and I can keep working on my writing habit.

It’s bad because I’ve not been writing every day.

Ah well…focus on the positive, right?

Could blame it on the US elections, but….nah, everyone else was probably watching the news AND working on their novels, so nope…my fault.

Granted, I’ve got lots to do, same as anyone else, but it boils down to managing my time better.

It’s getting better…slowly but surely.

I’m at around 1,000 words and of the last 9 days I’ve written maybe 4 days, so…it is what it is…like I’ve said before, the idea is to just keep writing.

So…getting back to it now…want to see how it turns out! 😉



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