Okay, definitely going to have to come up with a better title, but not until I’ve actually done the streak…and no, I don’t mean “The Streak”…remember that funny song?

Dating myself, aren’t I? Sigh.

Anyway, what I mean to say is that once I’ve had a good run of posting on my blog…some of which will hopefully be, if not informational, at least entertaining…then I’ll have to think up better titles.

Until then…the dumb title names stay put.

Didn’t write this morning like I’d planned – guess my body needed the sleep – so haven’t been able to get to it until tonight. Had house cleaning to do today and we’ve got a big, old Victorian Mansion  house, so it takes me a while.

Looking forward to the last week of this month. I’ve got planned to take the entire week off from client work so can spend more time on my own stuff.



I’m also going to be working on my business plans for that week, lining up what I want to accomplish for the year and step by step things I need to do to reach my goals.

I’ve always been a goal setter…a goal rememberer and a goal doer…not so much. Sigh.

So I need an accountability partner…or coach…or nag.

Any volunteers?

Good, thanks! I’ll use you guys to be accountable…kind of like a physical trainer, only without the pain…and $$$…and better abs…and well… 😀

Feel free to nag if I don’t write one day…a virtual kick in the arse works too.

Well, no more dawdling here…I’m off to see what’s going to happen to Jess. She’s in the clutches of a “legally reformed, but not actually reformed” serial killer.

Let’s see what she does with this guy…