Me again!

Thank God for reminders…I would have forgotten to come here if it wasn’t for my calendar sending me a reminder.

Thanks Google calendar!

So, wrote just a bit last night before it got too late and had to toddle off to bed.

If you read yesterday’s post you would have seen me wonder how Jess was going to get out of her predicament…in the clutches of a serial killer…

Well, she’s still in his clutches along with her boss, Bill. I had a reporter/wanna be Hollywood starlet show up with her cameraman. The killer hid his gun, as if he didn’t want to get caught doing what he was doing, but then, when it looked like Jess and Bill would have talked their way into leaving he killed the woman’s cameraman and now all three of them are his potential victims.

I have absolutely no idea if I’m going to keep this woman and her dead camera guy in the story or not…may toss them altogether, we’ll see.

I’ve got to work out how Jess will get hold of her gun (if she gets hold of it) and what happens next. Obviously she can’t kill the guy…or can she? Maybe she becomes the hunted because nobody believed her?

Well, anyway I’m having lots of fun! If it wasn’t fun I wouldn’t be doing it. I don’t think writing should be a chore…at least fiction writing anyway. I mean, we’re making stuff up, right? So why shouldn’t it be fun to do?

If it wasn’t fun I’d be doing other things like knitting…or crocheting…or reading…or sewing…or watching movies…or whatever it is “normal” people do. lol