Blog Streak Day Four


So, another day in the “trenches” of a “working” at home mom.

I put “working” in quotations because doesn’t every mom work when she’s at home?

I do that kind of work AND client work, hence the quotes. 😀

Should have gotten my client work done by early afternoon, but nope, still have about an hour and a half left and it’s 8:30 in the evening as I type this…

Sidetracked? Heck, I should have a platinum medal for my sidetracking skills! 😉

If I don’t sidetrack myself by chasing every little random thought and question that I have as I’m skimming the news for possible content topics, I let someone else sidetrack me.


No fiction writing done last night, and I don’t anticipate getting any done tonight, but there’s hope for tomorrow…another day.

And…I came back here again, so that’s the beginning of some kind of streak, eh?

Please tell me I’m not alone in this whole sidetracking thing…!


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