This time of year I make it a point to watch Christmas movies with my youngest.

Tonight it was The Polar Express.

I had no idea what we were going to watch until I googled Christmas movies for kids and it came up among the suggestions.

Unfortunately, we started watching too close to his bedtime so we only watched 40 minutes of it.

Something to look forward to tomorrow, eh?

After bedtime I cycled back through my story and found a couple of holes that needed plugged, so I took care of that and did a skeleton outline of what I’ve done so far.

Funny, I’m only a little over 4000 words into this story and I still forgot something I wrote.

Gotta love writing into the abyss for throwing up surprises, lol!

Time to sign off…as usual it’s late when I’m writing this, so Lord willing, I’ll be back at this tomorrow night; preferably earlier!

May all who pass this way have a blessed day and may the love of Christ be shed abroad in their hearts.