Finished watching The Polar Express with my youngest.

Was a good story…didn’t like the Santa in it though…looked too young?? Weird looking, I guess, don’t know.

Neat animation though…wonder how they do it. My favorite part was the train on the ice. Fun.

Kind of reminds me of dreams I’ve had where I’m driving down the road and come across water over the road, as in a lake or a pond over the road. Haven’t had one of those dreams in a long time, probably since I was a kid or young adult, but I remember them.

Never went into the water that I can recall…wonder why, it was a dream, after all.

But you know, my husband has gotten to the point where he can know that he’s dreaming when he’s in his dream. And his dreams are often so very vivid, in color with tons of detail.

Not me.

Can’t say that my dreams are black and white, but they’re not really vivid and I don’t always see someone else’s face…I just have an impression of who is in my dream.

I haven’t had a flying dream in a long, long time.

The last one I remember was when I was a kid and I was flying around our farm. I loved that dream.

Anyway, enough about dreams…

Wrote just a bit on the story tonight, about 100 or so words. Was cycling back through when I discovered some other inconsistencies that needed straightening out.

Can’t wait until I can move forward again…hopefully tomorrow.

Hope all reading this have a blessed day!