light in forestEvery writer…and every story…is different.

At least that’s what long time fiction writers have said.

Of course it also makes perfect sense.

We’re each unique individuals, with our own imaginations, our own personalities, views of the world, etc. so of course writers will differ from each other.

I’m also pretty certain that individual writers, the longer they write, will change how they do things. They’ll find out what works and what doesn’t…for them.

Personally, the idea of writing an outline before writing a story makes my want to gouge my eyes out.

Truly, it does.

Can we say boring?

Why would I want to write it when I already know how it ends before I begin?

Of course, many writers love the comfort and security that an outline gives, so that works for them.

What’s most important is finding your way. Finding a style or a method that makes the most sense to you, and most of all, that is enjoyable.

Sometimes it’s very frustrating writing into the dark, but then there are those moments…those awesome, wonderful moments when my creative mind has resolved a plot hole, or come up with a twist that I didn’t see coming a mile away.

Those moments are what make slogging through the uncertainty so very much worth it.

I’ve had a few of those moments on this last story.

Thrilling and fun.

I still have no real idea where this story is going to end…or even if it’s a short story, a novella or a novel…but it’s fun so I’m going to keep on going.

As for a procedure, well I’m trying something new.

Typically I use LibreOffice and it works great, but now I’m trying Plume Creator. I’m told it’s a lot like Scrivener (never used Scrivener) which explains why so many people swear by Scrivener.

So far it’s nice…I can make notes after I’ve written a chapter…which helps me keep track of where the story is going without having to re-read the entire thing over and over again.

I’ll let you know how it goes!