Sometimes I ramble and sometimes I’m spot on with whatever I’m talking about, but the main reason behind this blog is to keep myself accountable to my own goals, and yes, dreams.

Come along for the ride if you like…if you dare….muah ha, ha, ha!

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My day:

Still on vacation, so it wasn’t a “normal” day for me.

Laundry, make bread (I’m afraid I’ve spoiled the family, lol) fix meals, etc.

The writing:

Worked some on the writing, but not nearly as much as I should have. I’m making good progress, however, but don’t actually see the ending in sight quite yet, but I’ve got a hunch it’s not too far away.

I also see that I may have to cut a chapter as it’s not added anything so far to the narrative. I’ve read that this is pretty typical, however, when writing into the dark, so I don’t mind. It’s fun to explore… just to see where the story goes.

Topic of the day:

Many in the so-called “entertainment” industry have either never learned or forgotten about their audience.

A lot of the stories I’m seeing coming out of Hollywood – and even some indie –  are, in my opinion, stupid.

Not only are they loaded with “agenda” – often in ways that add nothing at all to the story line – but their endings really suck.

I’ve seen so many movies where there is NO RESOLUTION! Not even a “we may bring the spooky guy back later” type of resolution. They just end it, and sometimes we don’t even know what happened to certain characters, we’re left to guess (with little to no clues, by the way).

I hate this…so much.

But…we did watch a movie last night that was wonderful. It was called The Finest Hours. It was a true story about four Coast Guard seamen in the 50s who were sent to rescue men from an oil tanker that a storm had split in two.

If you get a chance to watch it, do…you will not be disappointed.

I especially love it when I run across movies based on a true story. Like Hacksaw Ridge. That was an amazing movie, no surprise considering the director…one of my favorites…Mel Gibson.

And it had a resolution. Thank you Mel!

And speaking of endings, lol, it’s getting late so I’m signing off now.

What was the last book or movie you saw that you enjoyed? Or hated?