I use Google Docs for the non-fiction work I do for clients, but I prefer something else for my fiction writing.

Since I’m writing in both instances you would think that I’d use the same tool for both types of writing, but I just can’t seem to do it.

So, I went off in search of some kind of writing program that could help me keep track of the characters, locations, etc. in my stories.

Everybody says that Scrivener is the tool to use.

Well, I have three problems with that.

  1.  I’m too cheap to spend money for a “glorified word processor”. (not cheap, really, just have other things that need my $40 bucks more)
  2. I use Linux Mint Cinnamon and HATE Wine, so…there ya go.
  3. I’ve read that there’s a big learning curve for Scrivener and I’ve still got Gimp and Inkscape to learn.

Of course I know there are others, but my options are kind of limited in Linux, and I don’t like the idea of writing my stories online…what if the website folds or something? And besides, we have cruddy internet here in the sticks, so I don’t want to have to be online to write.

I tried Plume Creator, which is useful, especially since you can keep track of your characters, etc. but…it glitched on me a couple of times and it kind of spooked me so now I’m trying FocusWriter.

Granted, this program doesn’t have a way to keep track of my characters, so I’m going to make do with keeping track on paper (boo hoo, if countless writers before me did it…right?) but so far I really like it.

When they say distraction free, they mean it. You have to literally close out the program to get to any other program, let alone a webpage.

Short story progress

This is the first week of the new year, so that means I’ve got a short story to write!

I still haven’t finished In His Name yet, but I’ve turned a corner so think the ending might be close. I plan on working on that one this weekend.

So the new short story I’m working on now is tentatively titled The Raven’s Curse.

My protagonist’s name is Jane, her nickname is Calamity Jane.

I think she’s a young woman who lives in a post apocalyptic America, but that too could change, we’ll see.

Have no idea what a Raven has to do about anything, but that doesn’t matter my creative mind will work it out. 🙂

So today I’ve got 1,000 words to do. At the time of writing this blog post I’ve written about 150 or so.

Got some writing to do…obviously (insert eye roll here) so here I go!

Do you use a program? Which is your favorite?