I was a complete scatterbrain today, so my regular client work got finished late…which has put me behind in my fiction writing.


I did do more than 100% of my writing goal yesterday, so I’m ahead by those standards, lol.

So anyway, on to the topic I was going to write about…choices.

We’ve all got choices to make in how we spend our time, however a part of making those choices that people often leave out…or gloss over…is what we do with the rest of the stuff we don’t make time for.

There’s always a sacrifice in some form or another when we make a choice to do something.

I choose to get up at about 6 am to get caught up on some reading, maybe start a fire if it’s too cold for the electric heaters, let the dogs out of their chicken coop house (yes, they sleep at night in an old chicken coop 🙂 ) shovel snow if needed, make coffee, etc., etc.

So by making the choice to get up earlier than I’d like, I get things done, putting a good start to the day.

Now, since I’m turning into Jabba the Hut sitting here so long, I’ve decided I need to do some exercise.

I don’t have a treadmill, so I’ll be doing some walking videos instead until the weather turns nicer. (I do live in Wisconsin ya know, lol)

This means I’ll be doing the exercise when I’d rather be reading, eating slugs, walking on nails, lol…just kidding about those last two things…

But if I make the choice now to exercise and get into shape I’m hopefully avoiding making future health decisions (choices) I’d rather not have to make. Sigh.

Then there’s the choice I’ve made about my writing.

I enjoy the challenge of copywriting, blog writing, etc., but I really want to amp up the fiction writing, so to do that I’ve got to make it much more of a priority…no excuses, just do it (sorry Nike)!

Part of the choice to work on fiction includes taking craft lessons, practicing, reading and connecting with other writers and people who like what I write.

Now…I’ve got to get some writing done, because it’s nearly 8 pm and I haven’t written one word. I could stay up late to finish my 1,000 word goal, but if I stay past 11 pm, not only do I get less than adequate sleep…which mushrooms into no energy to exercise, hunger out of control, etc. my husband says I turn into a pumpkin.

Funny, right?

So, now off to write. I hope you’ve made choices today that brought you closer to your dreams and goals, and brought you joy!