swordThere are people dying in this world right now for their Savior…my “problems” pale in comparison

So I’m hoping the good streak I started on Monday and Tuesday this week of getting my word targets done weren’t just a fluke.

In other words, I’m hoping I can repeat them at some point this week. Sigh.

Alas, bill paying work has to intrude, lol.

That, and sleep. Overslept by one hour this morning which was the first domino, followed by a quick errand to town that took longer than it should have, which of course led to a delay in getting my client work done, yada, yada, etc.


Tomorrow is another day, eh?

I’ll have maybe 15 minutes to work on the story tonight, but you know what? I’m taking it! lol

Then a shower, off to bed and a good night’s sleep to get up and do it all over again.

God is good and I have first world problems, wah, wah, me! Get me a wambulance, (ever hear that joke?)

Get a life, lady, right? 🙂