NOT Another Placeholder Post!



Finally, sitting down to write this at a decent hour.

Yeah me! 🙂

The Day

Up at just after 6 am, after spending an hour later the night before than I’d wanted to look for one of my dog’s collars.

In the snow.

Yeah. Not fun, and no I didn’t find it, even though we’d only had scarcely an inch covering the 6 or so inches already in place.

Personally, I think he hid it under the porch.

We’ll find out, come spring, right?

Unfortunately we’re not talking about a regular old collar.

No, not that simple.

It’s got a receiver on it for our wireless dog fence, so…not happy about that…

Anyway, back to the day.

Started a new routine of exercise in the morning. Of course the idea is to sweat…which I did…which means shower, then getting on with what I’ve normally always done.

Client work, dealing with the snow that’s coming down at a million flakes a minute, family needs, etc.

Let’s just say it was a busy, busy day.

Now…finally…I get to the fiction.

Still on last week’s story…sigh…and still no clue where it’s going. I’ve got to wrap it up soon, though, because I’ve got this week’s story to even start.

Whatever it will be…

I know it’s crazy to want to write a short story per week when I’ve not even written one per month, but I’ve gotta try, right?

I’m realistic, though, and if I can only get one done this month, I’ll be ecstatic, because at least it’s something.

Then, next month I’ll shoot for the one per week again, and so on, etc. until I reach that goal.

So, that’s where I’m at right now.

Hope all of my writing peeps are having a blast, playing in their worlds, and entertaining others in the process!

Good night, and Lord willing I’ll be back tomorrow…same bat-time, same bat-channel…KAPOW!





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