This year, my business focus is on my fiction writing.

While I’ll continue doing client work, my goal is to simply write as many stories as I can.  Short stories, mostly unless a novel begs to be written, who knows.

Then, after writing I’ll submit to magazines where my stories may fit, publish what isn’t accepted (then publish when my rights return) and keep on writing.

My other main goal is my health. I’m not a real junk food eater, and it’s very rare for me to eat out, but until recently, the most strenuous thing I’ve done is run my mouth. 😛

So exercise has been added to the list.

Right now I’m having a lot of fun doing workouts with Leslie Sansone. If you’re a real couch potato, she’s a great place to start. From what I’ve read, even long time exercisers still like to do her workouts.

Then later this month sometime, we’ll order a recumbent exercise bike because we’re getting old, and it’s easier on the joints. 🙂  (I say we, because the hubs will use it too!) But, I like the videos so I’ll switch between them and the bike.

I did find some neat videos I can watch of different scenic bike rides while I’m pedaling away…in my damp, musty basement. 😀

So what does exercise and writing have to do with the topic of the blog post?

Nothing, really, just wanted to make sure you’d stick around. 😛

But seriously…I’m a writer. I’ve never been what you’d call athletic. It’s never been WHO I am. People wouldn’t say, hey, that’s Anita…she’s an athlete.

Lol…as if…

But…what if I could change that?

No, we’re not talking competing for the Olympics here...just changing who I think I am.

You see, I’ve always been kind of klutzy, but what if I were to get this old body into better shape until I reach the point where someone could say, “hey, you know that Anita, she looks like she works out” or “she looks healthy.”

Not that I care so much what other people think of me…no, it’s just that I’ve got to change what I think of me first, if I want to see results that last.

So then, if I start to think of myself as an exercise lover (and I’m close…did I say how much I love Leslie’s videos?) then perhaps it will become reality. Perhaps I’ll be one of those former couch potatoes who decided one day she was going to run a 5K, half marathon, or…whatever…

You see, right now I just can’t see that, but maybe…after I get some miles under my belt, drop some weight and gain some strength…then I’ll be that person.

Then there’s the writing.

If you’re a writer, you write. I don’t have to think that maybe one day I’ll be a writer…I’m doing it now.

Is it crappy?

Maybe. Let the readers decide.

Is it brilliant?

Who knows? Again…let the readers decide.

So if I say that I’m a writer, then I write…and if I say that I’m an exerciser, then I exercise…I don’t just talk about it.


On that note, since I’ve done my exercise for the day then it’s time to get writing and make my “who” match up with my “do”. 😛