Quite annoyed with myself…messed up and forgot to post last night.

Oh well. Let’s keep the streak going tonight, shall we? 😀

To help me stay focused on what I need to learn about writing fiction…which is…everything…I’ve decided to break down this year into themes.

I don’t have it all decided yet…in fact it was just late this afternoon when the idea popped into my little head from somewhere, so I’ve still got to sort out the entire year, but I did decide that January’s focus will be on adding all five senses to my writing….

The idea is to read tips, watch videos…wherever I can find a long time professional writer teaching on each skill…and incorporate them into my writing.

I’ll try them all and toss out the ideas that don’t work for me.

The key, at least for me, is to get my advice from writers who are doing it for a living.

No offense to other beginning writers…we’ve got a lot to learn and we can help each other…but who better to learn “the ropes” from than a long time writer?

What do you guys think? How do you learn new skills in a “somewhat orderly” fashion?