Busy day, yet again, but a good one.

No, I didn’t get to the fiction, but that’s life, eh?

Need to tweak my schedule more to get in more bits of writing without sacrificing sleep…’cause I need my beauty rest…and lots of it!




Nick Stephenson, creator of Your First 10,000 Readers, has a series of videos that he’s putting out about “story engines”.

Looks interesting…my internet is being very annoying slow…high speed my arse…so I’ll have to finish watching tomorrow, but here’s a link if you’re interested.

I like the way Nick presents information in a clear, easy to understand way. No affiliation, just good information.

Nick is friends with Joanna Penn, and it also helps that he follows Dean Wesley Smith and Dean’s wife Kristine Rusch…two more wonderful writers who give a lot back to help both new and experienced writers hone their craft and their business acumen.

Lots of great information, but as always it’s important to remember that every writer is different. Take what works for you and let the rest be.

Also, over time you change as a writer, so what didn’t work before may work now!

Lots of fun things to learn….I love to learn. 😀

Want to hear something funny?

I had always imagined that everyone loved school as much as I did. Of course I shouldn’t have been surprised, but when you’re a kid, you think everyone else is just like you, lol.

I looked forward to school every year…the new clothes…school supplies…seeing friends again…and learning…what’s not to love?

Told ya I’m a nerd! 😛