No, I’m not in a rush for the year to get going…I’ve got way too much I’d like to do, God willing.

But what does make me ask the question is the weather here in Wisconsin.

We’re melting like the Wicked Witch in a sauna…temps in the high 30s and rain?

Rain? In January?

Wouldn’t be so bad if it would hang around all winter, but as sure as Lord Voldemort needs a hair piece, the cold weather will be back…bringing snow and sub zero temps with it!

Funny how quickly you can get acclimated to cooler temps…at the beginning of the season it felt chilly at 30 degrees…now, it feels warm.

Anyway, enough about the weather…

The Writing

Good day on the writing…would have loved to written more, but at least I’m not stuck…I know where it’s going.

The plan is to have the story finished…looking like a novel or at least a novella…by the end of January so that I can use it, together with another story I’ve already written, to start building up my email list by February.

I don’t want to spend hours…in fact, I refuse to spend hours “marketing” my stories. I want to spend time writing, formatting and creating covers, so I plan to automate as much marketing as I can.

What do you guys do to market your work?