When everything works well…love ’em.

When everything doesn’t work well…hate ’em.

Can you feel me? 😀

We’re big fans of Linux in this household…I run Linux Mint Cinnamon and the hubs has an ancient Ubuntu on his ancient desktop.

He’s having issues viewing Youtube videos, but not so much on other websites.

There are a lot of things it could be, so to make it simple and bring him out of the ice age (lol) I figured we’d try him on Linux Mint Cinnamon. Of course I didn’t install it…no, we ran it from the DVD and ran into one big glitch…his external speakers don’t work with Mint.

Not sure why, and frankly I’m too tired and frazzled to think about messing with it now because earlier today, in my desire to load some pics from my camera onto a USB I accidentally deleted a lot of pictures.

I’m so very not happy…I don’t have them backed up any place else…stupid me, had intended on doing that, but…argh!!!

Sigh. 🙄

Ah well, praise God anyway…maybe He’s got a copy of them somewhere up in heaven and I’ll see them again! 😉