Typical work day, except…not.

Should have gotten up when I woke up about 5 am, but figured I’d be too tired later in the day and tried to sleep until my normal wake-up of 6 am…so of course that meant I got up around 6:45 or so.

Not ideal, but okay, I can still do my 45 minutes walking video, shower, etc. and stay the course.

Unfortunately, I neglected to factor in the lovely, marvelous “high speed” (cough, cough) internet service we have here in the boonies of the great Northwoods, and other miscellaneous paperwork, errands, etc.

Let’s just say my day was eaten up and I’m behind…sigh.

The Writing

I’ve already written around 12,000 or so words of a story in what I think will be my Murder in Blue Lake series. It originally started out to be just a single story, but I like the characters so much I’m going to make it a series.

The working title for the current story is: Visitor to Blue Lake: A Jazz and Slade Story.

The premise is:

A young, heartbroken woman secretly leaves her home planet for a fresh start on Earth.

While trying to help an Earth detective find a missing girl she stumbles across a plot by her planet’s enemies to set up a hidden base of operations on Earth from which they can wage war against her people.

I’m trying to incorporate the things I picked up from a series of videos put out by Joe Nassise and Nick Stephenson titled Story Engines.

He is a plotter, but I think I can use his method to get the bare bones (especially  the idea of putting together a premise that works ) of the story into place and do my discovery writing from that point.

I figure if my critical mind knows that I’ve already run a story idea through the grill, as it were, and determined that it  works, the “voice” won’t be quite as loud and annoying.