Closer to…what?

Closer to getting my story done?

Closer to wrapping up my client work for the week?

Closer to my ultimate demise?

Or is it all of the above? 😛

Got a call from our tax guy…he’s finished preparing the tax returns and needed our signatures.

Yeah…favorite time of year. Don’t get me started… 🙄

So of course my schedule got messed up, which has thrown off the rest of my day.

Now it’s time to go to bed and I wrote not one word of fiction today.

I could get really annoyed and angry about it, but why?

It’s life.

Sure I pay taxes, but hey, that means I’m making money, right?

And sure, I’m behind in my writing, but at least I have a mind, eyes, fingers, a computer…a home…you see where I’m going with this, right?

I could spend my time being peeved and depressed, or I can shrug my shoulder, sigh and try again tomorrow.

Maybe my inside little brat is finally growing up!

Or not….lol! 😁