I’m really particular about meeting deadlines.

At least deadlines for work that I’m doing for others.


But unfortunately, I seem to discount deadlines I set for myself.

Any idea why that might be? (Calling all therapists, psychologists and the like…including the armchair variety! πŸ˜› )

With deadlines I do for other people I’m typically getting paid, but I don’t think that’s entirely it.

I think it’s because deep down I’m a “people pleaser”.

It’s not something I like to admit to myself, but unfortunately, I think that’s the case.

Why else would I discount my own deadlines (arbitrary or not) when it comes to finishing my stories and not, as a general rule, ignore them for everyone?

So why am I moaning about deadlines you ask? Or not, perhaps you’ve clicked away by now, poor soul. lol

Because I’ve set (in blue ink, not pencil mind you) a deadline of February 28 to have this novella wrapped up.

Right now I’m at 13,000+ words.

Assuming a novella length of 25,000 words minimum, we’re talking 11,000+ words that need to be written in 14 days, which means a little over 800 words per day.

As I typically do 600 words per hour (as an average) we’re talking just a bit over an hour every day.

Nice target to shoot for in my mind.

And of course it feels like I’m getting close to the end, so it should work…if I honor my own deadline of course.

Maybe if I imagined some thug would come to the house and beat me up if I don’t get it done?

Hmmm, no…I’d meet him at the door with a baseball bat…

What if I imagined I had thousands of adoring fans who would be sad if I missed my deadline?

Rock star dreams, eh? lol

While I do hope people enjoy reading my stories, I’m a bit more selfish than that, I’m afraid….I simply love writing them!

Which is why I love to write without an outline…I’m discovering the story as I go along…dead ends and all, it’s all part of the adventure. πŸ˜€

Whoever said being a writer is for sane people anyway? πŸ˜€