Dog in birthday hat.jpgDiscipline.

To a child it means “oops, I’m in trouble.”

To an adult it means “staying on a diet” or “doing what I have to do.”

To both a child and an adult then, discipline has a negative connotation.

Merriam-Webster expands on that narrow definition.

My favorite definition is number 5c; “self control”

  1. punishment
  2. obsolete :  instruction
  3. a field of study
  4. training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character
  5. control gained by

a. enforcing obedience or order

b.  orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior

c. self-control

6. a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity

There’s nothing wrong with self control. In fact, I’d say we need a whole lot more of it in this world…;-)

But the funny thing about self control, at least from my perspective, is that it doesn’t necessarily apply across the board.

For example, I have self control when it comes to some things while others are my nemesis.

I don’t think I’m alone in this…but why is that?

Why, for example, do I have no problem, no issue whatsoever with being tempted to cheat on my husband, but on my diet…???

I mean, toss me in a room with a bunch of handsome men? meh…handsome, sure, but so what?

On the other hand, toss me in a room full of cakes, cookies, bread….well, don’t bother coming to get me, I’ll be passed out on the couch in a food coma…

Discipline is not a bad thing…especially when we’re the one doing it…so why can’t I seem to remember that?

Perhaps it’s the long time between the discipline and the result?

What do you think?  Have you found a way to change an undisciplined area of your life?