Confused older woman.jpg

Instead of wrapping up the story neatly in a few paragraphs where one of my characters explains what they have discovered to the other to resolve the story problem (yawn) I realized that…

I need more conflict.

Lots of it, actually. Right now I’m thinking a complete rewrite of some of it isn’t out of order…

Could just be critical voice …or not.

Going to sleep on it.

So tonight, I wrote a bunch of stuff, then deleted it because I realized I’d not included even one “try-fail” cycle.

And…my protagonist has to meet more of the “bad guys” in this story. Let’s pump up the conflict, shall we?

Can’t have her solving the problem in one round, right?

As this is a novella, I’m thinking two “try/fail” cycles might do…what do you think?

I don’t want to force the story to be something it’s not, but I don’t want readers to fall asleep or toss it, either!

Yeah…need to sleep on it, then when I get back to the story tomorrow and this weekend when I’ll have even more time to work on it (God willing) maybe I’ll feel better about the direction it’s going.


On another note, I’ve discovered some great writing music.

I love some of the dubstep out there, and I love Lindsey Stirling…she’s amazing.

So I was in heaven when I discovered a YouTube Video put together by someone of both styles of music. Fun!