I just love this pirate…fun!

At the risk of playing the girl who cried wolf I’m taking a moment to update my millions of adoring fans…uh, wait…I mean, the few people who’ve stumbled across my little blog… :P…as to the status of my current work in progress.

I’m now in excess of 15,000 words on what I thought would be a short story…silly me!

But on the bright side, I do think I’m close to wrapping it up as a novella.

Maybe after I’ve been writing for a decade…or three (God willing) I’ll be able to see the ending of a story.

It’s already passed the “this is total garbage” stage, and it’s now on the edge of the “this might be okay” stage….writers, you know what I mean!


This weekend flew by. Had to wrap up some client work on Saturday, so it was pretty much toast as far as the fiction went.

And today I had some time to work on it this morning before I started house cleaning.

I should work on it a bit before bed, but I’m really quite tired…and I’m hungry for some scripture, so think I’ll read instead!

Ever get hungry for God’s word?

I know I do…

May God richly bless those who drop by my little corner of cyberspace. 🙂