It’s time to up my game, as it were.

So, I enrolled in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six Figure Writing to improve my copywriting skills and knowledge and to connect with other copywriters.

That’s where the majority of my days are being spent…in addition to of course finding clients.

Yeah, I know…six figures, huh?

That’s not my goal, really, but I’d like to make more, yes…who wouldn’t?

My real goal is to learn more, to add value for my clients, and to find clients who understand the value of what I bring to their business.

I’ve done a couple of small, one time jobs for people.

The first one, I should have known better, I was scammed…did the work and didn’t get paid for it.

A very common scenario and I know better….no excuse.

Funny thing is, it was a brochure for an Australian developer; Auspac Homes who is dealing with a developer in Thailand. The development is luxury condos…ironic, but when dealing with luxury real estate agents I’ve had a similar experience, only in their case they were just very slow to pay.

The second one, I did get paid and she said she loved it and had more work for me, but I have a suspicion that I might be a bit too “rich” for her blood because I’ve not heard any more.

But that’s okay…it’s just biz.

And speaking of biz, I’d never intended to have two businesses at once, but it seems that’s the case!

Right now, I’ve got to build up my copywriting business, so that’s where my focus is for right now. Once I’ve finished this program and a few others offered by hubspot such as their email marketing one and found some steady clients I’ll focus more time to the fiction.

God bless and keep you!