Remember that saying? Or am I dating myself?

Reminds me of my mom, God rest her soul. She loved to decorate our home and was not afraid to hang wallpaper. I remember one room we had, it was in the basement and was a guest room.

She decided to decorate it in a pseudo-Chinese style…jade Buddha on the nightstand, butterfly wallpaper with a white background and wicker butterflies hung on the walls.

I liked that room, it was pretty, but what sticks in my mind the most was her spreading the wallpaper out on our billiard table (which had been covered with plastic) and putting the wallpaper paste on the back of each piece of wallpaper.

I helped her as much as any goofy teenager can be of any help, but what the experience did do is tell me there’s no daggum way I’m ever going to hang wallpaper.

Ever. 🙂

Anyway…to the real point of my blabbing.

God answered my prayers in a crazy, amazing way. I’m making more money now than I did for my previous client and busier than ever.

Makes the need for time management (my kryptonite) even more important!

Basically, to get client work done (a couple of clients, plus another one who springs an article on me from time to time and another possible year-long gig in the pipeline) I’m working almost full time.

But when you add in what I need to do to work on my business (blog for my website, write here, write fiction, write lead generation pieces, etc.) I’m now working full time+!



God is so awesomely great, isn’t He?

But today is my sweet Cameron’s birthday – 55 today – and we’ll have some yummy pizza and German chocolate cake!


I’ll need the buzz….cause it’s house cleaning day too! 🙂

Have a blessed day everyone!