How time, she flys, eh?

This blog is a year old today; I know because my domain fee was just paid, lol!

What have I been doing for the past month?

Client work, actually, which is a blessing, and I’ve got yet another client starting in January (2 blogs per week), so that’s good too.

Little bit here and there adds up and keeps the lights on. I am truly blessed!

As per the usual, this time of year is good for reflection.

It’s busy, yes, but thankfully all of the presents are bought, wrapped and under the tree (minus of course, “Santa’s” gifts)…all that’s left is to buy stocking stuffers and of course Christmas dinner.

Plans for the fiction writing biz in 2018:

  1. Blog here every day (warning: it may be doze-worthy as I lead a pretty dull life, but there ya go)
  2. Two short stories per month with plans to up that to one per week
  3. Paper versions of all of my stories
  4. Social media posts 3 x per week? (daily is just too much)
  5. Potentially start a newsletter (still exploring this idea, may do it later in the year)

Plans for copywriting biz in 2018:

  1. Change website into an info website (right now it’s a copywriting service website)
  2. Create lead gen product(s)
  3. Create info products for realtors and investors

Lots, lots, lots to do, right?

Some of these things may shift, change or get eliminated altogether, but as they say if you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time, right?

While I do plan to drop back by before the jolly fat guy pays a visit it may not be until after Christmas, as I’m taking time over the holidays to put some of this stuff into action, so…I pray that you and your families are truly blessed this Christmas with many moments of joy and wonder at all our Creator has done and continues to do for us.

God bless you and keep each of you in the days ahead!