It’s a good thing that the online clutter I have is seen only by me because visitors to my electronic world would take one look, then quickly turn around and leave!

And I’m certain I would hear faint whispers of “hoarder” as they quickly pass from view…

Yes, I admit it…I collect information.

Lots of it.

I’ve got things stuffed on my computer, in my google drive, even poor Evernote is stuffed to the gills as is my Feedly account!

No doubt there are even a few cats scrambling around my digital discord looking for a scrap of something to nibble on!

So what does all of this rambling have to do with the year of the short story?

Glad you asked…or, um, even if you didn’t, here goes!

For God knows how many years I’ve said to myself, “self, you’ve got to write more stories”.

Then “self”, the silly little twit, shakes her head in agreement, and promptly goes back to stuffing great bits of ideas, writing prompts, business plans, cheat sheets, etc. everywhere!

Oh yeah, and then there’s the wonderful, amazing black hole known as Pinterest (should have been named “pornterest”, am I right?)

Don’t get me started…please!

But this year…this year WILL be different.

I’ve committed to writing a short story each and every week by writing every single day. Even if I’m only able to write a single sentence, it will be done.

Now obviously, things can and do come up, but just like eating a donut or two doesn’t toss out months and months of exercise and eating right, so too missing a day here and there won’t derail me from my goal of writing more.

Simplify is the buzzword this year…and I don’t need to store that bit of information anywhere but my brain…even if it is a sieve!