Slowly starting to get back into the swing of things, but it’s tough.

Glad we’re not homeschooling until next week (smart hubby!) as it’s helping me ease back into my regular schedule.

I’ve been working on my short story all week, however tonight I wandered into journal mode, pondering the question of why my stories do what they do.

It seems as if so many of my stories wander off into “alien” or “supernatural” mode, all on their own…

For example, I started with a story prompt. It was to write a story about my scars; physical, mental or emotional.

So I started telling the story of a scar I have on my leg wherein I stabbed myself with a kitchen steak knife.

It’s nothing so dramatic, however, as teenage angst…I simply placed my thigh in the wrong place, so when the knife inevitably slipped off of the cardboard box (I was making a garage for my cool little pedal fire engine…you remember those?) it found a home in my leg, about 3 or so inches deep!

How, pray tell, can such a tale become a short story?

Who knows, my imagination must know because it started wandering off into “alien” mode.

So, the question is…should I go with it, and see where it leads or try to straighten the little bugger out and get back to something more “down to Earth”?

Or maybe I’m just tired!

But point is, I did write something, and I count that as a win, even if I toss the words into the cyber trash can.

After all, it’s that naughty “P” word! (practice!!!)