Imagine a Muslim majority country being taken over by Christians.

I’m not talking an invasion of a so-called Christian nation or even a presidential “ultimatum”.

I’m talking about God defeating His Enemy from the inside out!

We, who call ourselves Christians, serve a powerful God…but He’s not the only god.

Does that surprise you?

It shouldn’t.

The ancient Middle-Eastern writings that comprise what we call the Bible talks about it. (see ESV translation of Psalm 82)

That doesn’t mean, of course, that Yahweh didn’t create the universe and everything in it.  (including the other elohim)

Nor does it mean that He’s not sovereign…He is!

(Let me digress for a bit – I’ll get back to my main point in a bit)

Following is a quote taken from language expert and Middle Eastern scholar Dr. Michael S. Heiser’s website:

In this paper I want to suggest that we need not fear the biblical text, and need not protect people from the biblical text. There is a simple way to resolve the problem of an inspired Old Testament that affirms that there are many real elohim (good or evil) in addition to Yahweh.

Though simple, the solution requires us to think like a Semite, like an Israelite, and not as the product of the Reformation or modern evangelicalism.

Biblical theology does not begin with us, Calvin, Luther, Aquinas, or Augustine. It begins with the text as it stands, understood within the historical, cultural, and religious context that produced it.

Take the time to follow that link…you’ll be very amazed at what Dr. Heiser has to say about this topic.

Also – if you can, pick up his book titled “The Unseen Realm”. It is a REAL EYE OPENER and gives you a deeper understanding of so much of what the bible has to say, as well as what’s happening in the world right now.

Anyway, back to the point…

Our God…the One whom we serve…is decimating the kingdom of darkness in Iran and other Muslim majority countries. Of course, the mainstream press is silent on this fact, but Muslims are converting to Christianity by the thousands – maybe tens or hundreds of thousands?

There are reports of visions, dreams and supernatural events leading these souls to Christ and it makes me cry with joy thinking about it. It fills my heart with joy because I know that is His heart – to see these people set free by the power of what Jesus did for us in translating us from the power of darkness to the Kingdom of Heaven!

Makes my little bitty first world problems pale in comparison.

Never tire of praying and working for the Kingdom of God dear friends…God is at work reclaiming the nations (as He promised he would)…

The time is near…he’s at the very door…will you be happy to see Him?