Had a bit of an inspiration this weekend, wrote a flash fiction short story, and even submitted it to an online flash fiction paying market.

The title is What’s a Housewife to Do and is less than 800 words long, so obviously a flash fiction.

Week two short story is now in progress – the plan is to write one short story per week this year.

Never did one per month, let alone one per week, but aim big, right?

The idea, really, is to just get into the habit of writing. I’ve promised myself that even if I write a single sentence, that it’s progress.

As they say, “small progress is still progress”!

Bit of a rough day today client-wise; didn’t get nearly everything done that I needed/wanted to do, so tomorrow I’ve got to knuckle down and get some stuff DUN!!!! 😉

Hope everyone reading this has a blessed day!